Absurdness isn't all the time Absurdness. 



A. M Thermodynamic resonant engine with a rotary variant. (MERE)

B. Shock wave converter for M Thermodynamic resonant engine,

 for an electromagnetic vibrator engine and for dissipate 

shock wave sources.

SHOEtheory (you will not see yet numerical values here and I will explain for what in next new


In a profound sense all of it have a base this new foolish THEORY in Physics

which I am Pretty sure a lot of Youngest Physicists will follow it making theirs contribution,

even if under pressure my old exposal have any errors of expressions because of the Biggest impact in actuality.

Trusting the Internet I published it on Google, Youtube and Facebook, Yahoo which I hope to keep it

for Humanity History even if now same to by foolish things .

1.This begin with attempt to Debunk - Brachistochrone problem for Physiscs  

an attempt to explain negative influence in  Physics and even in interpret for Interference which even now we have there an GAP 

2. Maybe first real law of Matter Conservation for on semi - closed SR - Ion Mugu Condition Of Uniform Travel

please don't luck for the expressions errors , luck for essence

3. A explanation maybe not finalized, because Math need to work on there - Euler God Equation and Physics

a reminder all there started for  approximations , subtle but our attempt for Space maybe not sufficient 

4. Sorry for word magic and for Phytagorean istead of - Pythagorean Magic Triangles 

even for Math those triangles and elliptical forms will play a big role- from here will begin a desperate attempt to repair 

5. Interference interpretation danger - Light Uniform Dispersion

 6. Another property which make even Einstein aware - Quantum wave asymmetry.

7. A discrete explanation for - Double Slit Experiment With Detectors explained

8. An Explanation for where is coming the GAP- Interference Gap Solved

a now even not in a nice mode partial because of my English, partial from a stress pressure

to return to SHOEtheory with a Big News - a nuclei for a particle with stability

 9. The Tear Of Geea - I love this name you can change.

a don't forgot I am the single now here but soon I am sure a lot will be coming

 a return to a Condition which give even for Life a sense to exist in time

10. Ion Murgu Condition Of Uniform Travel and Pythagorean Triples 

and a essence of elementary particles

11. Ion Murgu -Spin Particles Motivation

INERTIA in a new Interpretation without to exclude Newton interpretation but to Complete it


do not take as magic 345 is very important in Conservation Law and will analyze it soon 

and now an utopic attempt which I hope a youngest physicist will have time to put it in an excellent form 

13. IonMurguCUTandPT345Resonator as an utopic Unified Fields Theory

from here will follow maybe biggest new Discovery will future will Confirm for sure

14. Proton is sharing its Infinity in 12

15. Proton as Mother and Father of Electron - sorry for Phrased so

16. Portals of Universe Inflations - with a profound Please for Physics to take it seriously 

and now one of important discovery what lead my work a lot, forgive there my obsession for 345 I will repair it 

17. Ion Murgu Circles Paradox 

revised and generalized

18. Ion Murgu Circles Paradox Revised and generalized

which started 

masterpiece for the beginning of millennia

and we get any proofs around about SHOEtheory , one even from NASA involuntary in an Experiment on

International Space Station but to let the future to convince us.

19.  SHOEtheory any Proofs?

My HOPE is SHOEtheory will have the Right to SHOE THEORY pretty soon 

and I love the name because will give a chance to future to change it when new

proofs will be coming. 


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